CALUMS Work Team that Functioned Poorly

Answer the two questions below in two separate posts/threads. In order to receive full credit for posting you must make two original posts answering the questions and provide two replies to others. Original posts made ON the due date can only earn up to half credit so post early and get the discussion going!

  1. Give an example of a time where you were a part of a work team that functioned poorly? Make sure and address the following points 1) what was the team’s mission 2) what was the structure/composition of the team 3) in what way was it a “poor” team (e.g., performance, process, long term health, etc.)
  2. Having completed the tutorials and readings on teamwork what would you say was the primary cause(s) for the poor functioning? What best practices might have been implemented to improve the team functioning? Did you learn any lessons from that experience that you can connect to the best practices that were discussed in this module?