California National University Fitness Trackers and Health Paper

Research, scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles

Source-selection checklist:

This assignment requires you to engage with specialist sources–specifically, peer-reviewed journal articles. If a source you’ve found is a peer-reviewed journal article, you should be able to answer “yes” to all of the questions below:

Does the source read like a scholarly article? (If it sounds more like a news article or a review, it’s probably not a scholarly article.)

Does the article include in-text citations and end references? Is the Reference list fairly substantial (i.e., more than just a handful of citations)?

Is the author’s institutional affiliation noted? (For example, does a university or government email address accompany the byline? Or is there a bio that explains the author’s area/s of expertise?)

Is the journal listed in Ulrichsweb as peer-reviewed? (For a review of how to use Ulrichsweb, see the Journal Databases Activity. Remember that you search Ulrichsweb by journal title, not by article title.)