BUSN493 Glenville State College Competitive Advantage Approach Project

BUSN493 Glenville State College Competitive Advantage Approach Project

Textbook: Strategic Management, David, 15 th ed.

Additional Recommended Material: Wall St. Journal

Service Learning Project:

For this component of the course, the student will do a strategic plan according to the aforementioned project format for his/her summer employer. The instructor will notify students by May 26 as to whether their summer employer is acceptable or not for the service learning project. If the student does not have a summer employer, the student is required to meet with the instructor on or before May 22 to develop a service learning project.

The student will consult internet websites, printed materials, and other sources to obtain information to do the strategic plan and analysis of the service learning organization. The project will consist of five sections (see project format) and the student will need to label each section accordingly. For the critique section the student will analyze the organization’s current strategic plan (if there no strategic plan—develop one for the organization) and offer recommendations and feedback. The student is required to submit sections by the due dates; however, the final grade will be based on the final submission of all sections. Minimum of five pages is required.

Acceptable Summer Employer- Nurse at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Project Format

  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Long-term Goals and Objectives
  • SWOT Matrix (see text for format) List SWOT factors only—no strategies at this point.
  • Strategy
  • Critique and Recommendations (40 points)

Submit the long-term objectives/goals that you have found from doing research on your Service Learning business/organization. These are long-term objectives, not short-term goals, and they must be specific and well defined. Hint: Use the mission/vision statements as a guide and consult the textbook for assistance

Provide a SWOT matrix analysis of the opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses for your Service Learning business in the proper format. Label, list and discuss the SWOT factors separately for each project. You do not need to provide sub-strategies for each part of the matrix. Later you will be doing an overall organizational strategy. To be acceptable it must be in the proper format with summarized factors

Provide me with the strategy or strategies that you have identified for your Fortune 500 project. Bold the strategy and then discuss the strategy. Have a separate section for each strategy. Refer to chapter 5 for the different types of strategies. You must read chapter 5 before submitting this assignment

Note: My fortune 500 Company was Phillips 66. I identified product differentiation strategy and growth strategy. You can find more from the book.

Read instructions from the above.

Note: Minimum of 5 Sources. Use books, peer reviewed journals and wall street journal