Broadcast Script

In this assignment, you must write TWO radio spots for ONE of the clients below. You must develop a :30 spot and then also trim it down to fit :15, too. You may use music, sound effects, a jingle, CGI, and multiple voice actors. Your spots should be different from what these companies typically do in their ads. Don’t forget to use the “theater of the mind” technique when you are developing your ads to create an image in your listeners’ minds for radio. Use the file above for a sample format for your script. Also, use the posted file for information on how to format numbers in your script. You should submit TWO RADIO ads (one longer and one shorter),

Client Options:

1. Girl Scouts of America (goal: membership increase)

2. Operation Smile (goal: donations/awareness)

3. Army Emergency Relief (goal: donations/awareness)

4. The Ocean Conservancy (goal: donations/awareness/volunteering)