Bethel Left Wing Extremists &principles Muslim Extremist Terrorism Discussion

1. Research left-wing domestic extremist groups. What is their core philosophy? What are the pros and cons of this philosophy?

2. Research Muslim extremist terrorism. What are the main tenants of their aims? What should the United States do to prepare for attacks?

3. You are a veteran police officer, and you have been assigned to train a rookie officer. You are working your afternoon assignment, and you see a vehicle with homemade license plates and a bumper sticker that says “Posse Comitatus.” The license plate reads “E.A.P. III” from the Republic of Pennsylvania and Sovereign Christian Citizen on the borders. How will you handle this traffic stop? What should you do?

** The minimum word requirement is a total of 1,200 words. The response should be supported with a minimum of three scholarly references as well as in-text citations, using proper APA format. (The references doesn’t count towards the word count!)