Week 1 Discussion board regarding the roles of nurses in research: Perform a database search on urinary tract infections.

Instructions:Perform a database search on urinary tract infections. There are various levels of evidence. Select the article that has the best level of evidence.Please write an 150 word discussion with a 50 word reply to a colleague answering the following questions:1. Describe why this article was selected and how it meets the criteria to be considered the best level of evidence.2. Describe if this is a peer-reviewed article. Why is it significant to find peer-reviewed versus non–peer-reviewed articles for research?3. Describe the nurses’ role in research in this type of research.***Include citations (according to 7th edition APA manual) in the body of the discussion board and a reference in APA format at the bottom of the initial discussion.***** UPLOADING RUBRIC W/ REQUIRED RULES AND STRICT GUIDELINES****** UPLOADING 1ST REFERENCE REQUIRED FROM REQUIRED TEXTBOOK; TEXTBOOK LINK****** INLUDING LINK FROM ARTICLE I CHOSE FROM DATABASE BELOW***-    978-0-387-72659-5_15 (springer.com)-  Urinary Tract Infection | SpringerLink*** PLEASE USE CORRECT APA FORMAT***** 50 WORD REPLY IS OPTIONAL**ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW.