Birth Control and Pregnancy1.If you have a need for contraception, which of the following methods would you be most likely to consider?  Select up to five and list the advantages and disadvantages of each:Abstinence; cervical cap; coitus interruptus; condom  (female); condom (male); Depo-Provera; diaphragm;  fertility awareness; IUD; oral contraceptive pills;  Ortho Evra patch; sterilization (female); sterilization  (male); vaginal foam, film, cream, jelly, or suppository; vaginal ring; vaginal sponge.2.You think you may be pregnant and you want to obtain confirmation of your condition. Which of the following action(s) would you take?• Ask a friend or parent what to do• Purchase a self-diagnostic pregnancy test kit• Consult a pharmacist• Read a self-help book• Use the Internet (what type of sites?)• Immediately consult a physician• Contact Planned Parenthood  • Other (specify): _________ _