windshield survey paper

I need to write a 5-6 page paper on the Highbridge and Concourse community located in Bronx, NY.  The health problem select is diabetes in minority women 25-44 years old in this area.  I want to highlight poor access to healthcare, low socioeconomic status , previous history of gestational DM and poor educational attainment contributes to the high prevalance rates of diabetes something along that line.  I need to include the  following in my essay.Introduction to the community, including the name of the community and any interesting or historical facts you would like to add about where you livePhotographs of the selected area of the community that serve as evidence of your observations and hypothesesWindshield Survey findings, including a description of the section of your community that you chose to surveyDescription of the Vulnerable Population and Available ResourcesDemographics of the vulnerable populationWhat social determinants create their vulnerable status?What community strengths exist to assist this population?Conclusions based on Nursing Assessment of the CommunityBased on what you have found, what conclusions can you draw about your community and your selected population for your practicum?Select at least 5 scholarly resources to support your assessment. Websites may be included but the paper must include scholarly resources in its development.