Physical therapy

L.I.R.N. Evidence-based Practice AssignmentAssignment: Write a minimum of 150-200 word clinical application summary of a researcharticle. Students will be assigned a body region. Each student will then be responsible forchoosing one article from a peer-reviewed journal using the virtual library or APTA website inrelation to assigned body region. Students must have the article approved by the instructor priorto submission of the clinical application summary. The instructor will approve the article basedon a peer reviewed journal not content or relevance to topic.If the article is not turned in for approval by allotted time then student will not be ableto turn in assignment and will receive a ZERO. The student must turn in the article and the LIRNassignment on Google Classroom. This assignment is DUE ON March 30, 2021.Instructions:The paper should be a minimum of 150-200 words, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12font, 1” margin. The assignment should be written in whole complete sentences in the thirdperson.Write the paper in the following order:I. Citation: AMA style MUST BE USEDII. Clinical Application:a. Describe why was the research doneb. Describe any and all test and measurements used in the studyc. Describe why this research is important to PTA’s in the clinicd. Discuss the strength / weakness of the research conductedExample: Use the following format.I. Citation in AMA syle.Salwachter AR, Freischlag JA, Sawyer RG, Sanfey HA. The training needs and priorities of maleand female surgeons and their trainees. J Am Coll Surg. 2005; 201: 199-205.II. Clinical Application:a. Introduction: The purpose (why the research was done) of this research was todetermine………Describe the tests and measurements used in the study to provethe purpose of the research…….describe why this research is important (how canit be used) to the PTA’s in the clinic…..finally discuss strength and weaknesses ofthe research conducted.