Assessment/APA Essay/Ch.6

Instructions:Review the list below of assessment.SPICES: An overall assessment tool of older adultsKatz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADL)The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)The Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)The Epworth Sleepiness ScaleAssessing Pain in Older AdultsFall Risk AssessmentAssessing Nutrition in Older AdultsSexuality AssessmentPick one (1) of the assessment and write about the following:what is the assessment forthe history of the assessmentthe assessment’s accuracy by any toolswhat the assessment tool measuresany other benefits of this assessment that you can demonstrate.Your paper should be:One (1) page or more.Use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.Cite your sources – type references according to theAPA Style Guide. NO Plagiarism.