2 module assignments

AssignmentThe History of Healthcare Finance – Write a 1400-1800 wordessay addressing each of the following points/questions. Support your ideaswith at least three (3) scholarly citations in your essay. Use strict APAguidelines to format the paper. The cover page and reference page do not counttowards the minimum word amount and an abstract and table of contents are notnecessary and if included are not part of the overall word count.Healthcare finance has change drastically since 1950. Pleasediscuss the changes that have occurred and the effect on healthcare deliverywith each change.Assignment:Financial Statements and Quality Patient Care – Yourinterview should be 1400-1800 words and should include at least three (3)citations. Clearly mark each heading to identify the interviews and summaries.Follow the guidelines for APA writing style. Be sure to use APA guidelines forreferencing in an interview.Interview a Nursing Leader. Develop questions that revealhow leadership uses the financial statement to develop quality patient care.Include challenges to the process as well as successes.