Suicide theories

Suicide TheoriesIntroduction and AlignmentThe PMHNP should have an understanding of the different etiologies underlying suicidal behavior in order to assess and intervene effectively.Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:Research theories of suicide.Explain how these theories are important in your practice.ResourcesTextbook: Sadock, B.J., Sadock, V.A., & Ruiz, P. (2015) – Chapter 23Textbook: Wheeler, K. (2014) – pages 143-167.InstructionsResearch theories of suicide.Write a 3 page paper comparing and contrasting at least 2 theories of suicide.Is there one theory that resonates most with you?  Explain why.How can you use these theories in practice?Use APA formatting throughout the paper, citations/references should be includedWhen you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor using the Dropbox by the end of the workshop.Select here to access the Dropbox.Assessment CriteriaCriteriaPointsQuestion answered comprehensively2 theories discussed – both compare and contrast (20)Discuss how both could be used in practice (10)Pick one that fits with their clinical practice – explains reasoning (10)40Paper APA formatted, references and citations in correct APA format5Writing style/punctuation/grammar, minimum length of 3 pages5Total Points50