Quantitative Paper Critique Group Assignment

***THIS IS A GROUP PROJECT OVER A QUANTITATIVE  ARTICLE AND THESE ARE MY ASSIGNED QUESTIONS FOR MY PART***·INTRO:·  Describe the roles of each student and what they contributed to the assignment.-            – I am the “Editor”-  Describe the search description including inclusion and exclusion criteria, key words, and databases searched.· How does the author describe the purpose of the research study?Conclusion:·  What suggestions do you have for further research?· What barriers exist that may prevent the implementation of the recommended changes?· How can interprofessional teams be used to make improvements based on evidence?**ATTACHING PAPER CRITIQUE GROUP ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS*** ATTACHING STRICT RUBRIC W/ GUIDELINES*** ATTACHING THE ARTICLE OUR GROUP WILL BE USING: 2 Seperate Files****** USE IN CITE CITATIONS PLEASE AND FOLLOW APA FORMAT***** ASSIGNED PART TO ME MUST BE WORTH 1-2 PAGES IN LENGTH***