The Influence of Mission and Vision on Planning

Research the mission and vision statements ofthreedifferent types of organizations: a for-profit healthcare organization, a not-for-profit healthcare organization, and an organization outside of healthcare. As you examine the organizations’ mission and vision statements, consider the following:ü How effectively do the mission statements articulate the organization’s purpose?ü How effectively do the vision statements reflect future aims?ü Do the mission and vision statements convey who (which groups) the organizations serve? Do they indicate obligations to various stakeholders?ü Are the statements an appropriate length?ü What do you glean about how leaders in healthcare and in other industries envision and convey mission and vision?ü What do you discern about the interdisciplinary nature of crafting mission and vision statements by looking across organizations, including those outside of healthcare?ü Identify key insights you have gained by comparing the mission and vision statements of these three organizations.ü Consider how an organization’s mission and vision relate to the planning hierarchy. For each organization you have selected, think about how the mission and vision could or should influence planning. What elements of each mission and vision stand out as especially significant?