Ashford University Customized Cover Letter and Resume Composition

identify a job you might like to have, and then write a customized cover letter and resume, applying appropriate key words and qualifications.


  1. Use an online job board or professional networking site to find a job you might be interested in.
  2. Identify the organization’s mission and workplace culture.
    1. Click the link below to open the practical application document. Complete this Internet Activity to understand the type of research you need to perform.

      *** Company Research: Find Out All You Can Before the InterviewResource Websites: Inc.5000) Reports Library) Financials Online)’s Online) 500 Companies List) 500 Companies List)

      Once you’ve scheduled that important interview, it’s time to head to the library or to the Internet to conduct research. Find out everything you can about the company. Why? Because it shows you’re really interested in the organization, not just in getting a job. Being able to show your interviewer what you know about the company will give you an edge during the interview process. Researching a company used to be much more difficult and time consuming than it is now. In these days of easy Internet access, there is no excuse for not conducting company research. Show your interviewer how savvy you are!

      For this exercise you will visit a variety of websites where you will find information about a company you are interested in. Select a company for which you would like to work, and conduct searches at these websites to see what you can find out about it. Don’t forget that most companies have their own websites. You should also visit the site of the company you are researching.

      a. What company did you choose to research? What information were you able to find about this company at these websites?

      b. Now conduct a search for the address of the company’s own website. Visit that site. What information did you find at the company site? Why do you think this information might differ from the information found at the above sites? What information is probably more objective?

      c. Why is it important to research a company before going to an interview?

      d. What would you do if you obtained an interview with a smaller company or business that has no website and no information about the company or business on the web? How would you make sure you’re prepared for the interview?

    2. Post your responses to the questions on the Discussion Board.
  3. Create your customized résumé based on the open position.
    1. Choose a résumé format, either chronological or functional, depending on your education and background.
    2. Write an objective statement.
    3. Fill in your work experience and education, using language from the job posting as appropriate.
    4. Format your document in a professional manner.
    5. Refer to websites like CareerBuilder or Resume Resource for more help.
  4. Generate your corresponding cover letter. Include details and specific skills mentioned in the job posting. Remember to sell yourself and spark the interest of a hiring manager.