A microeconomic question

Students must read and summarize a current (May 1, 2018 or later) United States Internet newspaper article relating to an economic issue facing a particular industry or company. This should be a microeconomic issue, not a macroeconomic issue. DO NOT USE AN EDITORIAL OR OPINION PIECE. DO NOT USE A BLOG POSTING. Check the URL. If it has “blog” or “opinion” or “editorial” in the address, you cannot use the article. The Internet link to the article must be submitted along with the typed summary

There are three parts to this assignment; therefore, I should see at least three separate paragraphs and a minimum of 2 typed pages(APA):

  1. A summary of the article that shows that you understand the article. This summary should highlight the main points.
  2. A paragraph that relates the article to at least one economic principle/concept being covered in the class. Be specific. Give the concept/principle and explain how the article relates to or is an example of that principle.
  3. Your conclusion/opinion/evaluation regarding the points covered in the article.

Any words that are written exactly as in the article must be in quotation marks. Any papers that use direct wording from the article, without using quotation marks, will receive no points.


here is the link for the chapters that we learned in this semester.