60 Minutes Story: Eye Witness Procedures

For this assignment you will watch a 60 Minutes story about a case involving mistaken identification. This is a very compelling case and illustrates how research in this area has helped to improve procedures to try and prevent this from happening. While watching this story, I want you to answer the following questions:

1 – Briefly describe the eyewitness procedures that were originally used in the investigation (what technique was used, how was it carried out).

2 – What ultimately led to the identification of the actual offender in this case?

3 – Based on the research involving memory and recall, what we know now, how did the Detective unintentionally contribute to the original misidentification?

4 – Briefly describe changes in eyewitness identification procedures brought about as a result of the research on memory and recall and cases like this.

5 – How are the victim and misidentified original offender using this case to bring change?