400 paper only

Please write at least 200 words per each case (not 200 words per question of each case),which is supposed to have a minimum of 400 words in total.Do not use direct quotes.

No copying from any source (even textbook).

Opening Case: Putin’s Russia

QUESTION 1: Discuss the implications of corruption on the development and growth of a country. How can Russia’s current political system best be described? What conclusions can you draw regarding Russia’s economic prospects?

QUESTION 2: Discuss the pros and cons of investing in Russia. As a CEO of a company in the oil industry would you invest in Russia? How does a stable government affect a country’s ability to attract investment?

Closing Case: Ghana: An African Dynamo

QUESTION 1: After gaining independence from Britain, Ghana’s economy languished for three decades. Why was this the case? What does the Ghana experience teach you about the connection between economic and political systems and economic growth?

QUESTION 2: What were the main changes that Gerry Rawlings made in the Ghanian political and economic systems? What were the consequences of these changes? What are the lessons here?

QUESTION 3: What does Ghana need to do to remain on its current track of sustained economic growth?