4-2 Journal: Creating a Buyer Persona for the Tate to Target New Customers Assignment

For this task, you will first develop a buyer persona for the Tate to identify and target new customers. You will then write a
brief journal assignment explaining the strategies you are recommending.

First, review the final project case study, The Tate’s Digital Transformation, and the article How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business. You may also wish to view the brief videos on creating a buyer persona available among this module’s optional resources. See Dropbox link for article below. Next, using the HubSpot Buyer Persona Template, complete one buyer persona for the Tate to identify new customers. (Note: You only need to complete one of the three buyer persona templates included on this site.) Save your completed buyer persona and post it along with a journal assignment that addresses the following. Each question below should be a header in your response. The Tate case study is attached along with the rubric and guidelines for this learning module. Buyer Persona: Benefits: In what ways does developing a buyer persona help an organization in its marketing efforts? Questions: How did you determine what questions to ask in the four sections of the template (who, what, why, and how) in relation to the persona profile checklist you developed for the Tate? Strategies: What strategies would you recommend that the Tate use to research a buyer persona and create a target customer profile? Application to Final Project: How will you use this buyer persona and customer profile as you continue to work on your final project, the market initiative proposal and executive summary (presentation)? Refer to the case study, the textbook readings, other module resources, and your own research to support your responses. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c6dherg9g6uu8l/Buyer%20…